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Criminal Law


Every individual has the right to be presumed innocent until the Crown proves beyond a reasonable doubt his guilt.


Me Anthony El-Haddad will defend your presumption of innocence vigorously to avoid the unfortunate consequences of a criminal conviction.


Me El-Haddad will take the time to explain each step of the judicial process and will inform you of all possible solutions.


Everyone has the right to a full and complete defense, regardless of their social status or financial situation.

We offer a personalized service to each and offer several payment methods and different hourly rates depending on the complexity of the case.


The following is a non-exhaustive list of criminal offenses in which Me El-Haddad regularly proceeds:


-Drunk Driving

-Crimes against the person (Attempted murder, Assault, criminal,      harassment, uttering threats, etc.)

- Economic offenses (theft, fraud, etc.)

-Infractions of a sexual nature

- Driving offenses (dangerous driving, hit and run, etc.)

-Possession, trafficking, importation of prohibited substances (drugs,narcotics, etc.)

-Crimes regarding firearms

-Any other offense under the Criminal Code.

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