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Highway Safety Code and Restricted Licenses


A statement offense under the Highway Safety Code can have disastrous consequences (accumulation of demerit points, increase in insurances, loss of driver's license, etc.).


Me Anthony El-Haddad, being a former member of the Montreal municipal prosecution, proceeded in several hundred files of this type.


He negotiates with prosecutors and pleads against them on a regular basis in order to save the driver's license of his clients.


He also regularly applies for restricted licenses when his clients ask for his help after having accumulated too many demerit points.


Over the past few years, our team has consistently proceeded in the following areas:


-Hit and run

-Dangerous driving

-Excessive speeding, including great excessive speeding

-Omission to stop in front of stop sign or a traffic light

-Omission to wear a seat belt

-Driving over a continuous line

-Tinted windows

-Having alcohol in the blood when subjected to a zero tolerance policy

-All other offenses under the Highway Safety Code

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