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EL-HADDAD, Law Group

Criminal and Penal Defense


Criminal Law

Every individual has the right to be presumed innocent until the Crown proves beyond a reasonable doubt his guilt.

Me Anthony El-Haddad will defend your presumption of innocence vigorously to avoid the unfortunate consequences of a criminal conviction.

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Highway Safety Code and Restricted Licenses


A statement offense under the Highway Safety Code can have disastrous consequences (accumulation of demerit points, increase in insurances, loss of driver's license, etc.).


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Regulatory Law

Some statements of offences have serious consequences, both from a monetary and a personal point of view.


Fines in these areas are often extremely high and a conviction can often lead to fiscal consequences.


Our team therefore defends both companies and persons in order to minimize these impacts.


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Prison Law


The rights of an incarcerated person shall not be extinguished after a criminal convictions.

Me Anthony El-Haddad represents these incarcerated persons in their hearings before provincial or federal commissioners for their release hearings or parole hearings.


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Me Anthony El-Haddad
Criminal and Penal Law
Office : 450-687-5055, EXT. 230
Fax : 450-687-8181


  • Graduated on the Honor Board of the   Faculty of Law of UQAM


  • 2nd best team of the 2013 Gale Cup

  • 2th best factum of the 2013 Gale Cup

Our team is lead by Me Anthony El-Haddad who on the Honor Roll in studies clearly directed towards Criminal and Penal Law.


As a university student, Me El-Haddad participated in the prestigious Innocence Project where he wrote an appeal factum directed towards the Minister of Justice of Canada requesting the reversal of the conviction of a convicted person who had more than likely suffered the consequences of a miscarriage of justice.


He will also be offered a government position during his studies. He will work for almost two years on the Québec Ombudsman's team of correctional services. His role was to respond to incarcerated persons who felt that they were wronged or treated unfairly by the Quebec prison system and to resolve their situation by addressing those in authority.

After his studies, he will obtain a highly-coveted internship at the City of Montreal's Penal and Criminal Prosecution team.


He will indeed start his career as prosecutor. This experience will allow him to proceed in hundreds of penal cases and a large number of criminal cases. 


His experience as a prosecutor will allow him to understand the secrets of the job and will help him greatly in the defense of his clients later in his career.

Indeed, Mr. El-Haddad's passion has always been on the side of defending the rights of criminally accused people and he will launch his own law firm at the end of his internship.

He will build a dedicated team, built on the principle that no case cannot be won. 

Since 2017, Me El-Haddad and his team moved their offices to Laval in order to accomodate his clients. They can now meet the team without the stress of downtown traffic and parking. 

Our team regularly proceeds  in cases of attempted murder, drug trafficking, aggravated assault, theft of several hundreds of thousands of dollars, frauds involving tens of thousands of dollars, dangerous driving, human trafficking and in several sexual assault cases.

We regularly do trials in French and English and are able to conduct meetings and prepare  clients in Arabic.


3090 Boulevard Le Carrefour, Office 200
Laval, Québec
H7T 2J7


Office : 450-687-5055, EXT. 230
Fax : 450-687-8181

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